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สินค้า/บริการ >>> CoolRack-biocision


CoolRack™ - Thermo-conductive Tube and Plate Racks Ensuring Sample Integrity at ANY temperature
Consistent: Uniform temperature distribution regardless of sample position (LN2, dry ice, ice, water bath, and beyond)
Easy:  Ready to use, no pre-chilling, no calibrating
Better:  Highly reproducible cooling, (snap)freezing and thawing profiles for all samples, no risk of immersion
Versatile:  Rapidly adapts from room temperature to required temperature (-150C to 200C) through contact with ice, dry ice, LN2, water bath, oven

CoolBox™ - Ice Free Benchtop Cooling and Freezing
Consistent: Provides portable reproducible ice-free cooling/freezing with interchangeable cartridges, guaranteed well to well consistency
Easy: No downtime, all day freezing/cooling
Better:  Unlike gel-filled coolers, provides consistent temperature regardless of well-position
Versatile: Cooling, freezing, snap-freezing all in one box (0-4C, -12C, -20C, -80C, -150C)

CoolCell™ - Simplified Rate-Controlled Cell Freezing
Consistent: Reproducible -1ºC/min without alcohol
Easy: No maintenance, very short recycle time and no frosty fingers
Better: Great cell viability, no impact on other items stored in the freezer


CoolRack M
รหัสสินค้า : 000027
CoolRack M15 1.5ml/2.0mlThermo-Conductive Microfuge 15-well Tube Holder - 15 tube x 1.5ml/2.0ml capacitySKU #BCS-125CoolRack M15 PF 1.5mlThermo-Conductive "Profile-Fit" MICROFUGE Tube Hold
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CoolRack CF
รหัสสินค้า : 000028
Thermally Adaptive Cryo- and FACS Tube HolderCoolRack CF15 12.5mmThermo-Conductive CRYO/FACS Tube 15-well Holder (12.5mm dia)#BCS-126 CoolRack CFT30 One-Hand Twist GripUniversal t
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CoolRack PCR
รหัสสินค้า : 000029
Thermally Adaptive PCR Tube and Plate HoldersCoolRack PCR384Profile-Fit Thermo-Conductive PCR 384-well Plate HolderSKU #BCS-139CoolRack PCR96 Profile-Fit Thermo-Conductive PCR (
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รหัสสินค้า : 000130
CF30 CoolBox SystemPortable cooling system with CoolRack CF30 for ice-free sample cooling/freezing. True iso-temp (+/- 0.1ºC) for all samples throughout the cooling period. #BCS-135M
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CoolCell -1C per minute
รหัสสินค้า : 000131
Controlled rate cell freezer. Does not require alcohol fillingCoolCell -1C per minute cell freezing container - Alcohol FreeExact, repeatable -1ºC/min freezing of cryo-tube samples without us
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CoolSink SBS
รหัสสินค้า : 000132
Thermally Adaptive Plate Holders - SBS form factorCoolSink 48Thermo-Conductive Laboratory Plate (48-well and lower) HolderSKU #BCS-101CoolSink 96FThermo-Conductive Laboratory 96 well (
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รหัสสินค้า : 000133
CoolSystem CF 12.5mmThermo-Conductive Platform with 1 CoolRack CF (45 tube x 12.5mm dia) and Ice Pan#BCS-119CoolSystem M90Thermo-Conductive Platform with CoolRack M90 and Ice PanSKU #B
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Cool  Thermaltrays
รหัสสินค้า : 000134
Thermally Conductive Platform for Ice buckets, Ice pans and Water bathCoolTrayRound Thermo-Conductive Platform (for standard round buckets) for All Cooling on Wet Ice.Use with CoolRack or
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รหัสสินค้า : 000135
+2C Cartridges 3pkCooling (+2C) Cartridges (3) for CoolBox. Thermo-conductive shell for fast recharge in a standard freezer. Lasts up to 10 hours below 4ºC. SKU #BCS-132-12C Cartridges 3p
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CoolRack PCR
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